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Special Care Course (120min)
regular price​¥30,800⇒Member ¥19,800

It is a luxurious course with a set of upper body (30min) + lower body (30min) in 60min FullBody.Get closer to your ideal body.

Special Care Course (150min)
Regular price ¥35,200 ⇒ Member ¥25,200

60min FullBody upper body (30min) + lower body (30min) optional reflexology (15min) + dry head spa (15min)This is a special course that includes Treat yourself!


Luxurious reward course!

for bridal and special occasions

Those who want special care, birthdays,

As a reward for your daily self

Please come and visit us in a peaceful space with lymphatic treatment technology that has never been seen before!

We are looking forward to your visit.

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